Positions on Key Issues

Economic Development

Economic growth is the most important issue facing Cole County. Cole County has so much to offer potential employers; we need to sell our community to businesses from across the state, nation and globe to come to Cole County. This is job number one in the upcoming term as Presiding Commissioner. As Presiding Commissioner, I will be a leader in bringing new businesses into Cole County and fostering our existing businesses.


A new jail is a necessity for our county. However, we must work to insure that the new jail is both sufficient to meet our needs today and in the future, but is also fiscally prudent. All funding sources must be evaluated to insure that, if needed, any tax increase will be the smallest amount necessary to build a new jail. As Presiding Commissioner, I will ensure that all options are evaluated and that a new jail proposal is generated with community input and the least amount of new taxes as is necessary.

County-City Cooperation

County government needs to work with the various cities in the county to coordinate services. By working together on mutual projects and on day-to-day operational issues, we can reduce the cost of county government and free up funds for pressing needs such as a new jail. As Presiding Commissioner, I will work with Jefferson City and other cities to find and implement cost saving measures which will also insure that our excellent county and city services continue.

Openness in County Government

As an attorney working with local governments across the state and the past chairman of the Local Government Law committee of the Missouri Bar, I understand all aspects of the Sunshine Law. I am committed to the most open and transparent county government possible. I will work to ensure citizens of Cole County can always appear before the County Commission and voice their concerns. The Commission should work to bring County government to the residents and I will strive to have County Commission meetings in each community across the county and to have meetings at times convenient for the public.


Check back frequently for more positions on the issues facing our county.

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